Kris Rose, LMP

You do not realize how much tension is affecting your quality of life – until you relieve it. It's very important to Kris that all her patients feel physically and mentally healthy.

Meet Kris.

Kris Rose, LMP,is dedicated to helping her clients feel better. With her comforting touch and extensive background in physical therapy and sports medicine, massage therapy is a natural fit for Kris.

Kris graduated top of her class in bodymechanics. Her expertise includes myotherapy – a method of relaxing muscle spasms to improve circultion and alleviate cronic pain.

Massage Technique

Swedish/Relaxation: long light strokes, deep kneading, friction type motions and movement of the joints.
Myofascial Release: slow stretching of the fascia releaseslong-held tension throughout the body.
Trigger-Point Therapy: pressure applied to the sensitive areas within the muscles can neutralize referred pain.

Sports Massage:
combines techniques to enhance an athelete's performance and recovery.
Deep Tissue: high pressure applied to relieve deep muscle tension or injury.
Hydrotherapy: hot or cold application to increase/decrease circulation.

Your road to recovery

Schedule your appointment today at (360) 490-3598 and discover for yourself the healing benefits of bodywork and massage. Kris Rose will take you on the road to recovery and guide you to a healthier path.

Specializing in the treatment of:

•  Low back pain/injuries
• Headaches/ everyday tension
• Sprains/strains and sports injuries
• Carpal tunnel disorders
• Thoracic Outlet Syndrome


104 East D Street
Shelton, WA 98584


(360) 490-3598



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